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Five Stars from Mumpreneur UK!



More Than Words is an online company run by Lisa Long. It provides bespoke and limited edition typographic art. The Bespoke Designs, that we’re reviewing, are created using your own choice of words, your own colours and size specification.
Today we’re reviewing the Framed Prints. These are supplied in a stunning deep-edge ash frame designed exclusively for the customer with a beveled cut mount, however More than Words also offer Canvases, Vintage Framed Canvases and Acrylics, so there is a style to suit everybody and every occasion. 

The Process

Where the website explains that this is your design created using your specification and your words, it sounds all very appealing… until you actually get down to it. I am really indecisive. I could win an award for it. What WORDS do I want? I don’t know! COLOURS!? You mean I have to choose?! I could feel the panic rising within me. I gave Lisa some details about Mumpreneur UK, who’s behind it, what we’re all about and of course our branding. It wasn’t what she’d asked for, but that didn’t deter her from creating a proof. She came up with some suggestions of words we could use, and a colour theme for us… and everything was perfect! We received the first proof in 2 days. We made some amendments, and tweaked the design here and there, added our own word ideas (Lisa’s ideas started my creative juices flowing…) and voila. Our art was designed.
The Product
A week after approving the proof, we received the framed print. The quality is fantastic. Both the quality of the design and print, and also the quality of the thick and sturdy frame. I was very impressed with the overall presentation of the product, and it’s clear that this is a top quality item, and not a make-shift piece of personalised art. These framed prints start from just £65… and are clearly worth every penny. They’d make a great addition to ANY room in the house, as well as being the perfect gift for a special occasion. I’m thinking of those hard-to-buy occasions such as the parents anniversary, or Grandma’s 80th birthday!
The Best Bits
  • There was a quick turnaround time from sending the initial information to receiving the proof, and then to receiving the final product too!
  • Lisa was willing and happy to make any amendments to the design to ensure we were completely happy. So you can guarantee you’ll be pleased with the design.
  • The service was friendly and professional, and at no point was a disappointed in the service I was receiving.
  • The actual product itself is very well made, and top quality.
I cannot find a fault in the service or products of More Than Words, and would highly recommend the service, and the products.