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Father’s Day 2020: Celebrate him with a personalised Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day is on 21 June 2020 and if you’re looking to buy a Father’s Day gift with a personal touch, we have a personalised Father’s Day gift your dad will love!

Personalised Father's Day gifts

Four reasons why personalised gifts make the best presents.

Do you know what your dad, father-in-law, husband or any other father figure in your life really wants for Father’s Day? Is soap-on-a-rope on their wishlist? Definitely not. What about novelty socks or ties? Perhaps these are options to consider. What about a bespoke, personalised, one-of-a-kind gift? Bingo!

Why are personalised presents the way to go? Below follows four reasons why a personalised gift makes the best present.

  • The gift makes for an exceptional keepsake.
  • The gift’s one-of-a-kind nature makes it stand out from the rest.
  • The thought put into a personalised present is a gift in itself.
  • Personalised gifts are loved by one and all.

At More Than Words, we have a list of memorable personalised Father’s Day presents he will definitely cherish for years to come.

Personalised Father’s Day gifts from More Than Words.

The Superdad print allows you to tell him why he is dearly loved in an unforgettable way. When ordering the Superdad print, you can specify ten reasons why you love your dad. Based on your input, our design team will transform the reasons into an artwork by using complimentary images and typography to bring the reasons to life.  

The Personalised Loves print remains a crowd favourite. Similar to the Superdad print, you can personalise the print with everything Dad loves.

Personalised Father's Day Gift

To capture fond family memories or highlight what you love most about your old man, opt for the Best Dad, Best Mum or Best Dad print. Personalise these prints with your Dad’s name, special moments, and the things he likes.

Personalised Father's Day Gift

In conclusion, if you’re shopping around for a personalised Father’s Day gift, More Than Words is your go-to online store. Not only do we offer a great selection of personalised Father’s Day gifts, we also have a range of presents for birthdays, teachers, little ones, friendship, and many other occasions.