Kitchen Splashbacks – give your home that WOW factor!

If your house if anything like mine, the kitchen is the focal point where everyone gathers at parties, over Christmas, or just at family times. The kitchen should be the heart of the home, the place where we show our love through cooking and meal times.

Our kitchen splashbacks are the perfect talking point & can be personalised with your greatest memories, an inspiring quote, favourite food or anything that you’d like to be reminded of when you’re slaving away in the kitchen or socialising with friends and family. Stylish, modern and a unique highlight to your home décor.

Here at More Than Words we’ve been lucky enough over the years to design many bespoke splashbacks for our customers. Please view our image gallery below for some design inspiration:

We sell several standard sizes but we can produce splashbacks at custom sizes so feel free to contact us at orders@morethanwords.uk.com to discuss your specifications.