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The Habits of Successful Female Entrepreneurs

This week a new eBook has been published by WellPolished, full of hints and tips from successful female entrepreneurs, including those from More Than Words Creative Director, Lisa Long. You can download the eBook here.

Do you know that only 34% of entrepreneurial enterprises are founded and owned by women. Women are just as creative, organize and driven as men so it’s disappointing that we’re underrepresented. The business scene has always been, and continues to be, dominated by men.


But why?

New businesses take many shapes and forms. From creative and digital enterprises to consultancy and legal start-ups. Whichever form a new enterprise takes, one thing is for certain: there’s someone working very hard to make it a success. However, entrepreneurial activity carries an associated level of risk. It’s not always clear if the financial investment and hard work given to a new project will deliver any profit at all. So, if you’re going to take on a new business venture you must prepare yourself for road blocks along the way. This is where female entrepreneurs differ in their response.

Studies and research that aims to analyse the inequality in entrepreneurship suggest that males approach their business start-ups with more overconfidence than their female counterparts. Men also tend to be more reluctant to doubt how their business plan will fair in the marketplace, meaning that when they experience failure they are more likely to persist in their venture.

So it seems that women are letting their own self-doubt hinder their chances. In order to encourage the next generation of girls to be their own boss women need put aside the fear and adopt new habits.

Need some guidance and inspiration?

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