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Bespoke Typographic Office Artwork

I’ve worked with several corporate clients over the last year but don’t often find the time to capture the output on the MTW blog, so I wanted to take a moment today to share my most recent commission.  
I was asked by one of my new corporate clients, Eton Bridge Partners – an executive search and interim management partnership, to create a few pieces of artwork to decorate the walls of their lovely new offices.  “Something a little bit different from the standard office artwork, meaningful to the business, and in line with our new brand image and colours.”
So, after a meeting with the team, brand identity (colours, fonts etc) to hand, and based on the written values below…
The Eton Bridge Way 
“It was perhaps unsurprising that when we sat down as a team to discuss what values were important to us, both as individuals and as a business, it promoted an exceptionally lively debate. Everyone in the company was present. Everyone’s view was heard.
What became clear very quickly was the collective passion to live and breathe our values – to ensure they become ingrain in our long term culture”.
Developing long-term trusted relationships is at the heart of how we conduct our business.   We achieve this through an absolute commitment to delivery, professional integrity and a respectful approach to candidates, clients and colleagues alike.
Striving for excellence across all areas of our work enhances our ability to deliver the right solution with speed and accuracy.  We consistently provide an exceptional end-to-end experience through attention to detail and a flexible, creative approach.
Every employee at Eton Bridge Partners takes Pride in exceeding the expectations of all with whom we partner. We like being accountable.
Through teamwork and tenacity, our Spirit drives us to deliver effective results.    Our collective approach to developing new ideas and being receptive to change ensures that we continually push the boundaries of outstanding service. 
...this is the result….

A striking 1m x 1m premium framed (to fine art standards) typographic design by More Than Words.

Please contact if your business has a similar need.  

We’d love to create a unique talking point for you to have on display.